the view from the middle of the pack

"the hopelessness of the long distance runner"


I started running in 2006 in an effort, like most people to get fit and lose some weight. Years of inactivity had taken their toll and I was 6ft and pushing 18 stone. A big, heavy lump. Seeing myself on some wedding photo’s convinced me that the time was right to take action. I had flirted with running for several years prior to November 2006 but had not managed to sustain beyond a couple of runs before deciding I would rather be watching TV and stuffing my face. I still remember my first run, dressed in old tracksuit bottoms, a fleece and some trainers not really suitable for running. It was freezing and 1 mile later I was back home, exhausted but most importantly determined to keep going this time.

Fast forward to 2012 and I’m pretty much addicted to running and have several marathons, half marathons and other races behind me and the desire to keep improving gets me out of the door come rain or shine, tired or wide awake, injury niggles or not.

I’m not really built for running, more rugby, but have lost 4 stone since I started and will continue to strive to improve and aim for the coveted PB as I move into my 35th year. I love running and hope to be doing it for a long time to come.

I’ve decided to start this blog as an exercise in catharsis to keep motivated and also to keep family and friends informed about my progress and aspirations.

Hopefully some may even be inspired to take up the sport for themselves…here’s to hoping.


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