the view from the middle of the pack

"the hopelessness of the long distance runner"

New Year; Motivation Needed!!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post; over seven weeks. How time flies!!

To be fair my inactivity at the keyboard has been mirrored out on the road so there hasn’t been a great deal to write about. Like most of the population, sickness in the Walker household during December pretty much wrecked my running schedule over the festive period. Weeks of inactivity followed by false starts and then more inactivity have put me back months in terms of fitness and stamina. This week is the first week since Conwy really, that I have put a string of more than two consecutive runs together and whilst my base speed of 6.30 – 7.00 miles seems relatively unaffected, my stamina is absolutely shot. I could comfortably maintain 6.45-7.00 miles for 5-6 miles before December before fading gradually as the lactic builds and the muscles burn and slow.  Now I’m struggling to maintain 7.00 beyond the first mile and am struggling with hills that I was eating for breakfast last year!
I don’t expect that I am alone here as the combination of seasonal illness, freezing cold weather, motivation and Christmas overeating means the majority of us are struggling to some extent but it’s frustrating.
Onwards and upwards though and in an effort to pull myself out of the proverbial mire and get back on track I’ve entered a couple of races already. I’ve got the Alsager 5m to look forward to at the start of February and then our annual club race, the Knype Pool 5m trail race. Being the type of person who needs a target I’m aiming to run sub 35 minutes for each race. A big ask considering where I am at present but I like a challenge and sub 7 minute miles are very do-able as long as I manage unbroken training and stay out of the biscuit tin, although the later will be the biggest challenge!
I’ll need to stay clear of injury, illness, dogs (long story) and dog shit (even longer story) but my schedule is written for the next few weeks (I’ll post it later) and lets hope I can stick to it!


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the view from the middle of the pack

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