the view from the middle of the pack

"the hopelessness of the long distance runner"

About time too!!

Mirroring my initial foray into running back in 2006, after much procrastination I have decided to start writing my running blog.

The procrastination was down to the fact that I expect nobody to be interested in what I have to say. I’m not Mo Farah or Steve Cram so why would anybody care what I have to say about running. Then it came to me during a moment of clarity on my training run last night when I realised that I was sort of missing the point. The blog is for me to document my running and the trials, tribulations and achievements I experience along the way. I suppose it will act as a sort of catharsis for me and as a form of open diary for people to dip into if and when they like.

As I said, I’m no Mo Farah when it comes to running. I’m tall (over 6ft) and heavy (14 stone), more suited to rugby than distance running but why let genetics get in the way of a hobby. That said, I’m no slouch either, very much a middle of the pack athlete. I can run a half marathon in sub 1 hour 40 minutes and a marathon in under 4 hours. I tend to shy away from the easier courses and go for the more challenging events where personal bests are not generally on offer but my aim for what’s left of 2012 and 2013 (assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21st) is to run sub 1.30 for a half and sub 3.30 for a full marathon. Ambitious yes, but very achievable with plenty of hard work and the right training plan.

The reason for my optimism after years of marginal improvements and ‘junk’ miles, is a book that I’ve been reading called The Art of Running Faster by Julian Goater.

Goater is an ex international distance runner and Commonwealth Bronze medalist from the golden era of distance running in the days of Bedford, Jones, Spedding, Foster and Ovett. The book explains how to bring structure into your running and that coupled with my recent purchase of a Garmin GPS watch (and the wonderful Garmin Connect) has given me the impetus I need to push on. I will review the book in full at a later date but recommend it to anyone, whatever your standard, if you want to shave time of your PB’s and improve as a runner.

That’s enough for a first ‘proper’ post. Hopefully the first of many and who knows, maybe somebody might actually read them 😉


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One thought on “About time too!!

  1. Gareth Walker on said:

    Ayup Craig, I’ll avidly follow the blog, in the hope that your enthusiasm will rub off on us lesser runners. I think the targets set are well within range (even more so if you take on less difficult courses than the beasts you tackle). Good luck with the blog mate.

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the view from the middle of the pack

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